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Try The College Bookstore Textbook Price Search Engine
Our new search engine goes out and gets the price of your textbook at all the online college bookstores. In only a few seconds you'll see how much each store charges so you can be sure to get the lowest price for your textbooks this semester. Try it out right now!

College Books App For The iPhone
Now you can easily find bookstores & search textbook prices right through your phone!

For awhile now we've have a bunch of requests for an iPhone app that includes all of our bookstore data in one easy to use place. So we've gone ahead and developed this really handy free app that both lets you find bookstores but you can also run our price comparison search right from your phone. This is perfect if you're in a bookstore and need to check prices right on the spot. You can easily see where to get the book at the lowest price in only a few seconds.
A Few Features Of Our College Textbook App
Pull up your exact location and see how many & which bookstores are close to where you're located.
Get exact directions on how to get to the college bookstore of your choice, along with a map of the directions.
All bookstore information including address, phone number, hours of operation, and much more.
Price comparison tool that lets your enter any textbook and see how much it costs at all the online stores.
Best of all, it's completely free! This app costs exactly $0.00! Grab it today on your phone.

Get Our College Books App Now!

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